Design and Development: Machinery and Equipment, Industrial Robots

The good example of works is “human beings”. Human beings can become skilled through education and respond various kinds of phenomenon.
We do fine-tuning the Robots with the level of millisecond and design them with sensors which make smooth coordination in each process.

Manufacturing of Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and equipment experts its uniquely dynamic and eye-catching work performance.
This leads to the creation of robots as well as design and development of equipment that demonstrate diverse advantages.

Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment

While machinery and equipment can expert “extraordinary” work performance, periodic maintenance is indispensable to keep them working as “hard workers”.
Just like medical check-ups, periodic maintenance is absolutely indispensable to detect problems like performance deterioration and potential risk of failure.
We take great pride and responsibility in having keen eyes to keep the good health condition of machinery and equipment.

Robotic Operations

We have been training specialists for robotic operation by utilizing know how that we gained through various processes, such as designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance.
We secure human resources to be able to respond to robotic operations in order to wipe away the anxieties of clients that may arise when starting using robots in production.

Improvement of your “Machinery and Equipment” and Promotion of Labor Conservation

We can repair and maintain your existing machinery and equipment. Machinery which have been in operation for a long time, proves high reliability and remains value. We can also provide new ideas to prolong the life span of your machinery and equipment.
With changing in employment structure, labor-saving and working efficiency have become more important in recent years.
By adjusting clients’ knowledge of business and our technical knowledge and clients’ wants, it leads us to bear fruit.
The serious discussion between you and us will bring exciting stage where to realize Clients’ “Dreams”.